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Pharmaceutical world has evolved a lot, from mere dispensing & compounding to designing and synthesis of newer targeted agents and emerging breathtaking marvelous newer treatment methods through employment of latest technologies such as biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology etc. But now, pharmaceutical world is witnessing diverse events such global economic meltdown, emerging technologies, outsourcing, globalization, rise of emerging economies etc. and looking beyond the horizons of mere survival to changing lives, which brought into dynamic shift to industry.The very urge of betterment of human lives and keep growing, have strained pharmaceutical world to look beyond basic science. Though the pillars of pharmaceutical sciences remain pharmacognosy, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutics, however, the need of the hour and dynamic evolution has raised newer areas to learn.
These emerging areas of applied pharmaceutical sciences include knowledge of laws, regulations, intellectual property, marketing, sales, financial management, advertising, information technologies, translational research etc. These factors have raised the need of professionals with knowledge beyond basics, with knowledge of applied pharmaceutical sciences. Hence, the rising demand of new generation of professionals with right set of skills and knowledge of applied pharmaceutical sciences.
Despite such a large students getting degree, only few get the desired job. This is due to many reasons i.e. Antique curriculum, Non-focused unspecialized way of learning, Insignificant research, Lack of focus on personality development and communication skills, Capturing of higher talent of students by alternative opportunities such as engineering courses etc.Due to inefficiency of current output from academia to meet the demands of dynamic pharmaceutical industry, there is widening of gap between the academia and industry.
ISAPS continuously put efforts to uplift the standard of pharmaceutical education and narrow the gap between academia and industry. ISAPS by providing necessary knowledge of applied pharmaceutical fields, essential skills and practical real-time exposure make talent more employable.
ISAPS proudly presents courses on new applied pharmaceutical fields such as regulatory affairs, intellectual property rights, Pharma sales management, KPO, forecasting etc. These courses enable students to imbibe knowledge and skills required to enter and attain excellence in these emerging applied pharma fields with enormous prospects. Moreover, we maximize our efforts to position these learners among the best opportunities available in pharmaceutical/healthcare companies.