K. D. International School 

Affiliated to CBSE Board New Delhi
(Affiliation No - 234883737,       School Code - 78678)

Mission Vision

School is not only the place of study but is also devoted to wards the selfrespect and pride of each and every student.
School also teach a child about their dedication and devotion towards their country,good and this own duties school also enhanees the child to their right pathway and pioneer them bu giving him knowledge and eognizing their good and bad habit by remoning bad habits and cultivating good habits and manners and make their development towards physical and mental era. and out first and most important duty is to producing a well cultured cit.izen to our country who make our nation powerful.

Objective of School

1- To develop qualities of initiative team work self reliance among the students.
2- To built strong and ideal character citizen.
3- To provided healthy education to the students with a view to develop strong and good citizen.
4- To develop the sense of personal hygien and proper physical and mental development of student.





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